From Belief to Knowledge

The purpose of The Third Testament is to raise the great questions about life out of the hazy area of belief into personal experience and well founded knowledge. The basic premise of the work is that the mystery of life can be explained scientifically.

The Author of The Third Testament

Martinus lived in the country of the great storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen who had the ability to make a fairy tale out of reality. One might say the opposite about Martinus; he made the “fairy tale” into reality. He transformed the eternal essence of the religions, the message of limitless love, into spiritual science.

Articles and Brochures

Read articles and selected texts by Martinus and download brochures.


According to Martinus the purpose of the symbols is to "mark the absolute fundamentally leading principles and laws in the structure and manifestation of life”. They "are physical markings or indications for the invisible leading cosmic principles and laws of the universe".

Body, Mind, Spirit festival

​The Third Testament Foundation Copenhagen has been present in London 2016, 2017 and 2018, and will be present 2019.


Talk and Dialog

​Talk and Dialog about The Third Testament and the cosmic symbols of Martinus take place regularly in London. Admission is free.