According to Martinus the purpose of the symbols is to "mark the absolute fundamentally leading principles and laws in the structure and manifestation of life or the universe. They constitute visible markings of intangible cosmic analysable realms, which in themselves are eternal and therefore exist outside time and space. ... The symbols are physical markings or indications for the invisible leading cosmic principles and laws of the universe." The Eternal World Picture I

By creating these symbols with shapes, colors and lines, Martinus wanted to help the student of spiritual science to better understand the spiritual reality and the invisible cosmic laws that govern the universe.

The symbol introductions presented here have not been written by Martinus, but are based on his explanations in the books: The Eternal World Picture, Vol. I-IV and other parts of The Third Testament.


Martinus with one of his many symbols: Symbol no. 76. The Cosmic Spiral Cycle 2. The Imperfect Human Being.

Symbol No. 11
God and son of God are one (Symbol No. 11). Introduction
Symbol No. 13
God’s eternal method and technique of creation (Symbol No. 13). Introduction
Symbol No. 4
The evolution of cosmic consciousness (Symbol No. 4). Introduction
Symbol No. 20
“Go, and sin no more” (Symbol No. 20). Introduction
Symbol No. 23
Turning the other cheek (Symbol No. 23). Introduction
Symbol No. 19
“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” (Symbol No. 19). Introduction
Symbol No. 7
“In my Father’s house are many mansions” (Symbol No. 7). Introduction
Symbol No. 14
The cosmic journey through eternity and infinity (Symbol No. 14). Introduction
Symbol No. 24
The kingdom of the sphinx (Symbol No. 24). Introduction
Symbol No. 26
The united states of the world, “one shepherd and one flock” (Symbol No. 26). Introduction