Foundation Statutes for The Third Testament Foundation

1 Name of the foundation

The name of the foundation is: The Third Testament Foundation

Email address:

Postal address: Vestre Gade 6 A, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark. Ph.: +45 20 15 78 11

§2 The purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to inform about The Third Testament by Martinus (1890-1981) domestically and abroad.

The seed capital of the trust amounts to DKK. 50,000 and it is situated in Brøndby County.

§3 The purpose is fulfilled by:

  • Informing about The Third Testament being the continuation of The Bible's old and new testament
  • Informing that The Third Testament with its spiritual science and cosmic analyses communicates understanding of the eternal divine world plan
  • Informing about the need of an eternal world picture in the establishment of a global kingdom of peace
  • Making information materials easily available
  • Making the information available on a global level
  • Establishing a school with classes in spiritual science based on the work The Third Testament by Martinus

§4 The foundation is free of any membership structures

§5 Completion of assignments

Information services to the public are fulfilled by volunteers, but paid information services can occur when practical and possible.

§6 The funds of The Foundation

  • The Foundation is independant
  • The capital of The Foundation is not to be touched
  • The funds of The Foundation is raised through unconditioned gifts and contributions
  • The funds of The Foundation are exclusively avialable to fulfill the purpose of §3
  • The Foundation has no intentions of accumulating a fortune, since the surplus continually is applied in the promotion of the purpose
  • The records of The Foundation are public and can be obtained through the directors of The Foundation

§7 The composition of the council

The Foundation is directed by a council of 3 individuals. The council elects the chairman, and the chairmanship rotates annually. It is the duty of the chairman to prepare meeting proposals, announce meetings as well as coordinate the approved activities. Working for the council is an unpaid position. It is the responsibility of the councilmembers to know the statutes and purpose of The Foundation and the regulatory acts for trusts, which currently involves act #698 for trusts dated 11. August 1992 (lovbekendtgørelse nr. 698 om Fonde).

§8 Trust meetings

Section 1. Announcements

One meeting semi-annually is required as a minimum, announced by the chairman 14 days ahead of time. Similarly, the members of the council can call for a meeting at least 20 days in advance by emailing the reasons to the other councilmembers, after which the chairman announces the meeting.

Section 2. Meeting Proposals

All members of the council can present proposals for the meeting agenda as long as they are received by everyone at once no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. The chairman includes all proposals in his metting agenda and makes the announcement to all councilmemebers at least a week before the meeting. The meeting agenda minimum requirements include:

  • Election of moderator
  • Election of secretary
  • Report of last meeting approval
  • Submitted proposals to the meeting agenda
  • Notes
  • Date, time and place of next meeting

Section 3. Decisions

The decisions of the council are made through simple majority of votes. All proposals take at least 2 votes to pass. The council keeps a record of all votings and decisions which is noted in the meeting report. Following each meeting the secretary sends out the report of the meeting for approval. Any changes to the report are submitted to the secretary, who then sends out a new report for approval, until everyone are in agreement. The report of the meeting is signed by the council at the next meeting.

Section 4. Report of the meeting

All agreements must be listed in the meeting agenda and report.

To each decision is assigned one person responsible for the application of the decision, as well as a budget and time schedule available for this person. The person and budget must listed in the report. When/if the budget is reached, a new budget can be requested from all the members of the council, which requires a minimum of 2 councilmember votes for its approval and application.

§9 Public

The work of the trust is entirely public. Exceptions to this practice include only very unique situations where consideration towards translators and other contacts must be shown.

§10 Changes to the statutes

Changes to the statutes require votes of approval from all members of the council. Changes to the statutes then must be approved according to Trusts Act#698, Lovbekendtgørelse nr.698 om Fonde, dated 11. August 1992.

§11 The Foundation's fiscal year

The Foundation's fiscal year runs from 1/1 to 12/31.

§12 The Foundation's accountant

The records must be audited by an accountant chosen by the council.

The Trust is formed in union of the chairman and another member of the council.

§13 The dissolution of The Foundation

The Foundation can only be dissolved through the unanimous vote to do so with all members of the council present. The council will then make decisions concerning the transfer of The Foundation's assets and funds to an independant non-profit institution with a similar purpose statement as The Foundation.

Approved by The Third Testament Foundation, Ebberup, May 24th, 2014.

The Third Testament Foundation