The Third Testament Foundation


The intention with The Third Testament Foundation and The School of Life is to inform about The Third Testament by Martinus. All work is done by volunteers and therefore no one is paid for their work. 

The School of Life is financed through voluntary donations. The School of Life provides assistance in starting new study groups and arranges lectures. It also takes part in festivals, exhibitions and gatherings.

You can support The Third Testament Foundation and The School of Life with donations.


This is a non-profit project and is funded on private donations.

It is our hope that you will contribute to this information-, study- and schoolwork by using the following account information:

The Foundation The Third Testament
Danske Bank
Reg. nr. 3572 Konto nr. 3572518 515

IBAN KONTO DK4930003572518515

If you would like to hear more please call:

The Third Testament Foundation
Vestre Gade 6A
DK-2605 Broendby (by Copenhagen)
Phone:. +45 2015 7811