Articles and Other Selected Texts by Martinus



The Christ Principle

Martinus’ last lecture held in the Falkoner Centre on the 9th August 1980.

False Prophets and False Christs

In this short article Martinus explains the mission of Christ and the true meaning of the phrase, "the second coming of Christ". 

The Principle of Reincarnation

In this lecture Martinus deals with the mystery of death, and explains why it gradually will stop being something about which people feel anxious or terrified.

The Road to True Happiness

Martinus explains the purpose of physical incarnation in this lecture, and demonstrates how suffering and misfortune awakens the interest for spiritual science that reveals the laws of life and shows the road to true happiness.

Other Texts

The fulfilment of Christ’s prophecies

Martinus explains that the spiritual science that he has given to the world is the fulfilment of what the Bible, through Christ, promised people.

Life’s own glorious justification of the darkness in the world
In the introduction to the symbol books, entitled The Eternal World Picture, Martinus presents the purpose of his work.
Preface to Livets Bog

In the preface to Livets Bog ("Book of Life") Martinus introduces his mission and writes about the nature of his work.

  • The Context of The Third Testament (pdf)
  • An Introduction to The Science of Universal Love (pdf)
  • Introduction to The Cosmic Symbols (pdf)
  • Martinus: Preface to Livets Bog (pdf)
  • The Culture of Giving (pdf)
  • The Third Thestement: What it is (pdf)

Arabic Brochure

  • Arabic Introduction (pdf)
  • Rolf Elving: An Introduction to The Third Testament. The Continuation of The Bible (pdf, ePub)