Justification of the darkness

by Martinus
In the introduction to the symbol books, entitled The Eternal World Picture, Martinus presents the purpose of his work in the following way:

1. The world’s greatest religious commandment

Why should one study the cosmic analyses of the universe, which for some beings may be difficult to understand? Human beings have through their religions and world redeemers been shown the way to God! Is there really anyone who can see a better and more perfect way to God or the creation of a true culture than what has already been given, for example in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” and the other holy commandments given by Christ? Can one receive better instruction on the way to the light than this: “Love your God above all things and your neighbour as yourself”? The answer must be that it would be quite impossible to point to any way towards God, the light, or an absolutely perfect culture that does not first and foremost have precisely this unshakeable divine commandment as a guide and as the true foundation of life. The cosmic analyses and the symbols of the structure of life have definitely not been manifested in order to lead human beings away from the holy commands of Christ, or away from any of the other great world religions and their more or less holy commands or guidelines for morality and ways of living. Quite the opposite, they have been manifested precisely in order to show that the core within the greatest cosmic conclusions or dogmas revealed by these beings is the absolute truth.

2. The world situation or the forthcoming “Doomsday”

The fact that it is necessary to point this out is made clear by the world situation today. It is such that one is forced to express it as the condition of Armageddon, which, according to Christ, would befall human beings in the “last days”. Furthermore, is it not said in the biblical account of the future that “the devil shall rage in all his power”? What have we seen in the form of the two World Wars, which have raged among terrestrial mankind this century? Have we not seen attempts to wipe out great cities with their inhabitants and cultural values? Have not people even tried to annihilate an entire human race? Have we not seen millions of human beings murdered – not only on the battlefields while defending their country or attacking other peoples’ living space, but also in civilian life by being sent to gas chambers where they were murdered outright without any judicial or lawful basis, and naturally without any regard whatsoever for the vitally important commandments, “Thou shalt not kill”, “Thou shalt forgive thy neighbour”, “Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”? Is not the fulfilment of all the law precisely the great commandment, “Thou shalt love thy God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself”? Where is the belief in a loving God and a practical Christian culture in this Doomsday existence, where crowds of human beings, children and adults, old and young, have languished unto death in the terrible concentration or death camps, which have thrown shadows of devil consciousness over the whole Earth?

3. Human beings are growing away from religious dogmas

Why have the religious ideals, which have been proclaimed to human beings for thousands of years been unable to prevent these demonic manifestations and the consequent deaths, disability, illness, distress and lack of morality? Is it not apparent that the traditional religious ideals or dogmas, however divine they have been, have not been able to free humanity from this Doomsday epoch of terror? Do we not see that human beings are actually growing out of these ideals, almost like children growing out of clothes and shoes? That they therefore lose the ability to believe in them is perfectly natural. Have not millions of human beings become materialists and atheists? Is it not an equally incontrovertible fact that their numbers are still growing and that there are more and more empty seats in the churches or places of worship during the services? Does this not reveal it to be a fact that the very highest cosmic truths upon which life depends and the religious commandments or dogmas have become a mystery, have become something that one even thinks intelligent human beings cannot lower themselves to be involved with or believe in? Is it the human beings that there is something the matter with, or is it the religious ideals that are wrong?

4. Human beings who do not require logical justification for accepting the traditional religious ideals or dogmas

In the absolute sense, it is neither the human beings nor the religious ideals that are wrong. The religious ideals are perfectly adapted to the evolutionary step of the human beings to whom they have been given. And to these beings they form the central foundation of their lives. But a large part of mankind has outgrown these evolutionary steps and to a greater or lesser extent has grown onto higher steps in evolution. They inhabit quite a different mental sphere to the one that the traditional religious conclusions or dogmas were adapted to, and which the beings concerned could one hundred percent surrender themselves to by virtue of their instinct, which was still to some extent flourishing. They were not yet so evolved as regards their intelligence that they required intellectual confirmation of or justification for these religious ideals or dogmas. To them it was enough that they were given by authorities.

5. Those human beings for whom the symbols and the main work, to which they are a supplement, are manifested

But today things are different. In these times great masses of human beings have lost their ability to believe, because their instinct has more or less degenerated on account of the development of their intelligence. They have thereby gained the ability to analyse, carry out research and observe. As this development increases, it causes them to require, to a corresponding degree, logical justification or scientific substantiation for every thought construction or idea that they are to accept as truth. It would be quite unreasonable to blame these beings for their condition, as to them it is impossible to believe in the dogmas of the religious ideals, precisely because they are manifested as mere conclusions or postulates without the logical or scientific support of which they constitute the conclusions. It is for this reason that the present symbol book and the main work, to which the symbols are a supplement, has been produced. This book is therefore created in order to help those human beings who cannot possibly believe in bare assertions or postulates without any intellectual or logical substantiation, but who are, nevertheless, seeking, with heart and mind, the justification for the state of Doomsday, which they are beginning to sense must exist behind the primitiveness and folly of daily life. To these human beings’ cosmic studies there is here opened a road towards life’s own all-encompassing justification of the darkness in the world enabling it to be seen as a link in the creating of the eternal maintenance of the key-note of the universe: Love. Quoted from Martinus’ introduction to “The Eternal World Picture, Vol 1”.

© Martinus Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark.