The fulfilment of Christ’s prophecies

by Martinus

“The manifestation of world redemption in our time is to give people knowledge, not belief. But giving people knowledge is of course giving them spirit. And if this knowledge constitutes the solution to the mystery of life itself, and is a perfect analysis of the universe, the Godhead and the living being that together form a unit, it cannot avoid constituting or being one hundred percent identical to “the holy spirit”. And this alone can be the fulfilment of what the Bible, through Christ, promised people.”

“My work is not a new form of dogma or a new object of belief, but is exclusively a science. True enough, it does not have its professors and doctors, but that does not alter the fact that it can never ever be invalidated, since it contains the absolute basis for the exact correspondence of everything with the great conclusion, “everything is very good”, the dark as well as the light, the evil as well as the good. A better analysis and thereby a better foundation for life cannot be created and cannot exist. A greater basis for neighbourly love cannot thus be given, and a greater basis for the creation of the being’s own liberation could thus never be revealed either, since such a basis would be totally impossible. But since my work is an analysis of the truth, a scientific explanation of how it can be that everything is very good, and is thus the analysis of life itself, it is not anything that I can be the originator of. It has no originator; it is the analysis of life itself and exists from eternity to eternity. It is not an analysis of the nature of the Godhead that is merely true of a little locality in the universe or for a single, short period of time. It is an analysis that can never be out of date and shows that the conclusion that “everything is very good” can be nothing but the very greatest truth. And as such it cannot be anything other than “spiritual science” or the holy spirit. The holy spirit, which thus constitutes the very highest science, cannot possibly belong to a certain nation, it cannot possibly be Danish or German, it cannot be American or English, just as it cannot be theosophical, anthroposophical, spiritualistic or Martinian. It is to the very highest degree international, indeed, interplanetary or in every imaginable way non-individual. It is the life in which we all life and move and have our being. It is the omnipresent “Spirit of God that moves upon the face of the waters”. Quoted from “Spiritual science” – English Kosmos No. 3 – 2000.

Martinus’ ability to experience cosmically

“As I have already related, my spiritual mission began with several psychic experiences, the particular structure of which was something entirely private to myself alone. What proved to be of significance to other people was the fact that they left me in a state in which I was able to receive far-reaching knowledge about the whole universe, in fact even the divine world plan was completely laid out before my sensing faculty and became awake day consciousness.

I was granted the faculty to sense things that it was impossible to experience through mere physical sensing. I saw how every limited thing, irrespective of whatever size it might occupy, revealed infinity and thereby eternity. Eternity thus became visible as the fixed point, while time and thereby space were whatever was moving. As I was thus conscious in eternity, I became identical with what was “absolute” and “everlasting” and I saw all things from this “absoluteness” and “everlastingness”. As I had become conscious in eternity and was identical with immortality, I lived beyond any concept of time. I lived both before and after anything whatsoever and could thus see both its alpha and its omega, its beginning and its conclusion, that is, the whole of its life course.

And it is this experiencing faculty that in my main work, Livets Bog (“The Book of Life”), I have called “cosmic consciousness”, just as I have called the descriptions of the details of life seen from this observation faculty, “cosmic analyses”.

These “cosmic analyses” of mine are thus the same as observations made possible as a result of my liberation from time and space. My psychic experiences were a process that in a manner of speaking suddenly brought about this liberation in my consciousness. I had experienced an “initiation”. It was through this process that a change took place in my consciousness. Whereas before I had only been conscious in a certain time and a certain space, I had now become in a certain way conscious in all times and in all spaces.

Whereas my consciousness before this experience of mine was an expression of “local consciousness”, it had now become an expression of “universal consciousness”. And after this change in consciousness I had no problem in finding my bearings with respect to the fate of the living being and thereby the fate of terrestrial mankind. It was no problem for me to see that the whole ocean of sufferings that terrestrial human beings are in the midst of is exclusively due to the fact that they are still not mentally liberated. They are still bound by time, by space and by matter.

Their view of life and the world has therefore nothing to do with actual eternal life or the real world plan. At the very most it constitutes merely the view of a local area of the universe. But to know or sense only a local area and to believe it to be the whole, is the same as to live under an illusion. And to live under illusions is in turn to live in error. And because a life based on errors can give rise only to disappointments we have arrived at the very cause of terrestrial mankind’s daily existence being a life of disappointment, sorrow and suffering.” Quoted from the first chapter of the article, “Mental Sovereignty” – English Kosmos No. 1 – 2003.

No association, sect or body of believers

“As my work, that is to say, the first volume of “Livets Bog” (The Book of Life), my lectures and the study groups throughout the country that are based on them, has begun the awaken an interest and create a movement, it is, in this respect, absolutely necessary that this movement is not led astray into limiting, encasing or crystallising itself in an association, sect or body of believers, thereby having a narrow-minded monopoly on “the one and only road to salvation”. This was written in 1933 and is a quotation from an article entitled “To the readers” in the first issue of Kosmos – the official magazine of the Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science.

On the ability to speak directly with God

“The mission of my work is to point human beings towards God’s own “speech”, a “speech” that is manifested in the form of everyday experiences. These human beings will thereby be free spiritual researchers and not “representatives” or “subjects” of an artificial spiritual organisation. Terrestrial mankind has now reached the stage in its evolution where it has to learn that divine wisdom pours forth in abundance all around. God talks to human beings through all things, both pleasant and unpleasant, through crises, poverty and unemployment, through war, revolution and suffering just as much as through good health, strength and well-being, through love, tolerance and wisdom. Everything is a radiant expression of the same being. Everything is a speech, a speech that resonates over the whole world, throughout the whole universe, throughout microcosmos and macrocosmos. It vibrates in the twinkling of the stars. It shines in the orbiting of the planets. It is heard whispering in the gentle breezes and murmuring in the depth of the forest. It whistles in the factory sirens and is felt in the roaring of the machines. It is sung over the cradle and is spoken at the graveside. It is the ability to sense only vaguely, as well as being certainty and belief. It is knowledge, recognition and hope. It is death, resurrection and life. It is colour, vibration and light. It is absolutely everything that can be sensed, thought and experienced. And because this speech, the more it is understood by the individual, proves to be a confirmation of the words “everything is very good”, it is therefore identical to the very highest manifestation of love and proclamation of wisdom.” Quoted from Kosmos 1933.

What is “the holy spirit”?

“What then does mankind demand or need now? Is it a new prophet, a new messiah, a new world redeemer? No, not in the sense that these words have been used in the past. Everyone who stands up today and says that he is a new Christ or a new messiah belongs without exception to the category that Jesus regarded as the false prophets that would come. What a new world needs is not more religious dogmas. The greatest truths in the form of dogmas have been preached for thousands of years, consequently anyone who comes who is only able to give people these same dogmas would be a mere plagiarist of the real messiah or Christ. And if he then also demands that one should believe blindly in him and follow him, his identity as a false Christ would be quite apparent to anyone who really has high-intellectual insight into the highest phenomena of life. He would then not be the fulfilment of the promise that Christ prophesied would come. For Christ did not prophesy a new leader or spiritual dictator, but a highintellectual analysis of life’s greatest problems or the solution to the mystery of life itself in such a way that every human being becomes its own Christ. Such an analysis is nothing other than the “holy spirit”.” Quoted from “Spiritual science” – English Kosmos No. 2 – 2000.

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