The Christ Principle

by Martinus

Martinus’ last lecture held in the Falkoner Centre on the 9th August 1980.

1. It is Providence we have to thank

My dear friends, I would like to express my deepest and warmest thanks for all the tribute and the enormous wave of gratitude I have received. It has given me great joy to receive all these thanks, but in fact the thanks are not due to me. The analyses I have produced are not something that I have invented or thought out; they are eternal realities. I have reached the stage where I have been able to manifest these analyses, and have been given the task of manifesting them. I have every day gone to my work with the analyses in just the same way that everyone else has every day gone to their work, and now after all these years I am happy to see that there are so many people who are pleased to have them.

2. The analyses are completely openly available. My cause is not a sect or an association

This cause is in itself not a sect or organisation; it is neutral and openly available. It is not something one can become a member of and resign from; no one can join and be thrown out of it. Everyone is free to read my analyses and to form study groups and centres around the world, as long as they follow the analyses. Access to the analyses is as open as access to the sun and all of Nature’s creation. It should not be an enclosed affair, only for certain specific people; it is for all human beings. Everyone who today finds joy and inspiration in religious sects and communities need not be anxious for the new things that are to come. It is my wish that everyone should be in the very place where at this moment they find inspiration and are able to develop their love.

I have received an impulse that my work should be called The Third Testament. It should not form the basis of any sect or association. Of course, there has to be a centre, and that is the self-governing foundation called the Martinus Institute in Mariendalsvej. That is where there should be a fixed point in the form of an administration and a council, whose job it is to keep everything in order and make sure that nothing goes wrong.

3. The greatest statement in the Bible. The image of God

The greatest statement in the Bible is the one in which God says: “Let us make a human being in our image, after our likeness”. Everything that we see around us is an expression of the fact that God is creating consciousness. We see this creation wherever we look, in the thunder and lightning, in the cars making their way along roads or in human beings at work. Regardless of what it is, everything consists of living beings in the process of being created in the image of God. (1)

Everything consists of living beings within living beings, and God’s organism is just like every other living being’s organism in that it is built up of living beings within living beings. We are in a macrobeing at the same time as each of us is also a macrobeing for the microbeings in us, and our microbeings are in turn macrobeings for even smaller beings. We are all macrobeings, microbeings and mesocosmic beings.

The world picture that I have made is inside another world picture; it is inside a macrocosmic world picture that is in turn inside an even larger one. Eternal life takes the form of an experience of increasingly higher and higher spiral cycles. A spiral cycle is a section of evolution in which the living being experiences the culmination of both darkness and light. These two things are equally important; without the experience of darkness light could not exist.

4. Behaviour in everyday life. Armageddon has begun

How we behave in everyday life is particularly important, and it has now reached such a low level and has gone so much astray that long ago an Armageddon has begun. We have to see the Second World War as a part of Armageddon, and there are continually lesser conflagrations and wars in various parts of the world. At around the turn of the century I reckon there will be a very great war. “Why?” people ask, “Why this darkness? Why does there have to be so much darkness?

5. The belief in one life cannot explain darkness

When Christ was on Earth to introduce the new world epoch, human beings were, from the spiritual point of view, endowed only with instinct. Instinct is what guides migratory birds. It guides animals to eat the right food and do what they have to do. It guides human beings to have a sense that there must be a creative power and a higher force. The Christ principle is a parent principle, much as we know it in marriages and in pairs of animals taking care of their offspring.

The purpose of the Christ principle is to keep human beings in check during the final great evolution towards the highest perfection. The human beings on Earth are on their way to receiving cosmic consciousness, to becoming “finished human beings in God’s image”. In order to understand this, human beings have to let go of the belief that they only have one life. If we only have one life, one physical body is almost nothing. A body is so fragile that a child can die at birth, or when it is 5 or 10, or at any age. Many people never reach a great age; they die long before they should. If we had only one life, we should have a better body. So what becomes of people when they have no body? Well, they will not be able to develop. The terminology used by the church has become outdated, but Christ could not give an intellectual explanation to the people of that time and he therefore announced that the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit would come and explain everything.

6. Christ, the world redeemer

When the star shone over Bethlehem, eternal light was born in a stable nearby. A little baby lay in a manger – and the world redeemer had come to the world. Human beings with cosmic consciousness can still at a certain stage in the high spiritual plane allow themselves to be born in physical matter, and this is what Christ did in order to be able to guide and preach to human beings. He knew that it would make no sense for him to give intellectual explanations or to write, because most people at that time were unable to read or write. Instinctively they could sense that a providence must exist, even though they had no idea what it was like. This is the reason why Christianity is a great mystery to human beings. But the mystery has now been solved in The Third Testament, where you can read and study it.

Christ had to use the other part of cosmic consciousness. He could calm the storm on the lake, walk on water and heal the sick. He also said: “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”. All human beings will have this power; that is the goal. And in order to reach that goal many lives are needed.

7. The second coming of Christ

Human beings have now come so far that they are about to receive cosmic consciousness, and this will enable the epoch of Christianity to begin. Human beings have misunderstood the second coming of Christ due to the fact that Christ could not explain it intellectually; he had to explain it using symbols. Christ’s second coming does not mean that he will come in person and travel around preaching. Who would believe in him? Nowadays there are many people who say that they are Christ and they preach and so on. No, Christ’s second coming is a new world epoch that he came and initiated when he preached on Earth almost 2,000 years ago. At that time he initiated the Christ epoch or Christ civilisation that was to come, by showing human beings the way and telling them how they should behave.

Human beings had already been given the Ten Commandments from a high source, when beings from the higher realms manifested the tablets of law on Mount Sinai. They were given the Ten Commandments so that they could learn what they had been doing wrong, or in what way they had been breaking the laws. Christ knew perfectly well that it would take a long time to learn, and what he was not able to relate at that time he would have to leave till later. He said: “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.” “But the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” “He will take what is mine and make it known to you. All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.”

8. Sabotaging the Earth with atomic power

Christ also said that the last days would come “when you will hear of war and rumours of wars”, when “brother will betray brother to death... and children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death”. He saw what extremes human beings would go to, and how tremendously far they would go in defending themselves.

He foresaw how human beings as the Earth’s microbeings would begin to sabotage the Earth from within. (2) They even go so far as to split the atom, in which there is bound such colossal amounts of energy, energy that is in fact macrocosmic vital force.(3) They think they have made a stupendous discovery, but in the long run they cannot guarantee that accidents will not happen. There are sure to be some accidents as part of Armageddon, but I won’t go into that. But what about the waste? It is perfectly clear that it is an illness deep within the Earth. Since the Earth is a healthy living organism, everything has to go in cycles, even the rubbish tip has its cycle, but not atomic waste. And what about atomic waste that is buried in the Earth or at sea? The poisonous matter easily outlives the barrels it is stored in.

Scientific research continues apace. They are building atomic power stations, and no one can blame them for doing so; the whole process has to take place. In the course of Armageddon we will experience that atomic power is not the way forward. We need completely different means of producing power; means that are loving and peaceful. There are natural forms of energy, for example, wind and water power, coal and oil, and there is the sun. If human beings used the technology and the reasoning that they are using for atomic power, they could easily gain access to these great sources of energy by safe means.

9. The implanting of the holy spirit. Electricity is spirit. Christ forces control the atomic forces

I don’t mean to criticize science, it has produced really magnificent and wonderful things, and I am only mentioning these things because human beings are so bewildered in relation to atomic power. This is what you are all in the process of learning at the moment. It is something that has to take place. It is not possible to develop without experiencing. This is the reason why Armageddon is not evil in itself, as human beings think it to be; it is an absolutely necessary link in God’s creation of human beings in his image. Without it, it would be totally impossible to implant human beings with the Holy Spirit, as was promised. The Counsellor is the name of the scroll containing the holy texts of the Jews, the Holy Spirit is consciousness, and spirit is thoughts, knowledge and experience. For many years science has worked with electricity thinking that it was something material, but it is macro-spirit or the spirit and vital force of the Earth.(4) Science and technology make use of macroelectricity, we ourselves use mesocosmic electricity and our microbeings use micro-electricity.(5) I won’t go further into this here, but will just mention that we have now come so far that a great many superterrestrial forces or Christ forces have been set in motion to prevent those atomic forces that have already been prepared from functioning.

10. The goats and the sheep

This Armageddon that is to come will be very hard, owing to human beings’ newly acquired intelligence. I don’t want to darken your view of the world, but it will be a demonstration of all the evil, of everything that creates suffering, pain, misery, melancholy, world weariness, suicide, hatred, revenge etc. We all know about evil; it is certainly not unknown to human beings. It is rife in the form of murders, killing and kidnapping.

Today’s world is full of revolt and war, murder and killing, but in the midst of all this there are many people – millions of people – who are humane. They don’t belong to any particular sect or association, and in everyday life they are humane and cannot bring themselves to steal, cheat, rob or plunder. The many human beings on this step have gone through Armageddon in previous lives and do not need to be afraid. Of course it can happen that they are struck down by something, but they can be rescued in an instant by being taken over to the spiritual plane.

11. Death and Paradise

Dying a sudden death and coming onto a higher plane is a way of being rescued, and definitely not the fearful and terrible thing that human beings want to make it into, with punishment for sins they have committed etc. That is certainly not what happens on the spiritual plane; that is what happens here on the physical plane. When we die we are given a rest on the spiritual plane. At first we enter a “forecourt state”, in which we are “purified” before entering the higher spiritual planes. If we have tendencies that cannot bear the light, we will temporarily be released from these tendencies, so that we can come into a light that is equivalent to that which we have ourselves created on Earth. Take, for example, a person who is nasty towards people, but loves a little dog very much. He would be able to experience a small amount of light on the basis of the small amount of light he felt with the dog, and as a result be given a glimpse of the new world. Old people who have lived a good life on Earth will live an equivalent length of time in the light that befits them. There are many different heavens. As Christ says, “In my Father’s house are many mansions”.

Among the lowest of these heavens is the Viking Valhalla, where they sat drinking mead and eating pork and were able to fight the whole day long. Those who at that time began to develop an aversion to murdering and killing were seen as weaklings and ended up in the hell of the day, Helheim, which nowadays corresponds to our kingdom of heaven.

Corresponding to every evolutionary step there exists on the spiritual plane a state of rest, where you feel comfortable. If you were aborted or died at childbirth, you soon return and are born again in the physical world. If you die as a child or young person, you do not spend much time on the spiritual plane either. If you have no difficult karma and live a long life, you will spend a wonderfully long time on the spiritual plane. Death is often an extremely wonderful state that is in reality created in order to be a rest on the long road up to the ultimate goal of cosmic consciousness.

The more you continue with your good nature, not stealing, lying or deceiving, the more beautiful will be your existence on the spiritual plane, which is full of the highest art and science in the world. But on the spiritual plane one cannot develop; one has to return to Earth to do that.

12. The fundamental principles of the new world civilisation

There are many humane human beings, and I would think that it is the quality of humaneness in you that brings you to listen to my lectures and that causes you not to steal, lie or deceive. You belong to that category that will bring the Holy Spirit further and that will take over the direction of the new world civilisation. Christ gave us the fundamental principles of this new world civilisation. He says, “You should not only forgive seven times, you should forgive seventy times seven times”, and among other things, he says, “You should love your enemies, bless those that curse you and do good to those who hate you”, and what does he not say in the Sermon on the Mount? – Everywhere Christ says that “whatever you would like your neighbour to do to you, that is what you should do to your neighbour”. It is totally untrue that Christ drove the moneylenders from the temple. Of course Christ did not use a whip, if he had, there would be no truth in anything he had said. They were probably afraid of him because of his strong psychic powers. They knew that he had the power to do this or that, and they knew for certain that they were not behaving in his spirit, which is why they fled when they found out that he had arrived.

He did not just come to Earth in order to preach, heal the sick and demonstrate the cosmic powers that human beings will gain, he also came to Earth in order to demonstrate universal love, a new love that human beings were not familiar with. The love that we hear about in songs of adoration is about marriage and being in love, and this is of course very lovely and good, but it cannot last. We can in fact see how it is degenerating. Human beings are undergoing an enormous transformation from animals to all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving human beings.

13. Egoism is imprinted in the animal kingdom

When animals begin a new spiral they have only limited consciousness and they are set in motion with the help of instinct. The primordial desire and their instinct of self-preservation cause animals to be afraid of dying, and as a result they take steps to defend themselves. Animals have no choice; their bodies are instruments of war. For example, lions have sharp teeth and powerful claws, and other animals can camouflage themselves and resemble their surroundings so that food flies straight into their mouths. This defence is imprinted on animals, and it is therefore imprinted on them to be egoists. But the animal kingdom does not only exist in order that animals are continually being either eaten by other animals or eating other animals, it is a link in God’s creation. It is absolutely necessary that they have the opportunity of experiencing darkness.

14. The beginnings of intelligence. The fight against egoism

When the ape began to walk on two legs, its body began to be “neutral”, its hands became free so that it could make its own weapons with which it could defend itself. The ape was now able to throw things such as coconuts, and human beings could use their rudimentary intelligence to make bows and arrows, and they evolved further and created even worse weapons, weapons that were more and more lethal.

The egoism that was imprinted on animals in the animal kingdom the human being later had to discard. The Ten Commandments pointed human beings in the right direction and, among other things, ordered them not to steal or kill. Later Christianity gave the order that one should love one’s enemy and forgive one’s neighbour not only seven times but seventy times seven times a day. At that time Christ had to make these conclusions clear in dogmatic, symbolic expressions and commands.

15. God’s model of the human being in his image

Christ’s task was to be God’s model of the human being in his image, a model that was needed in order that human beings could see how they were to be. They would be led forwards to be, like Christ, able to forgive everything. But it is not only a question of being able to forgive; it is also a question of being able to undergo crucifixion if that is what is needed. Christ allowed himself to be crucified and experienced the highest degree of suffering. He could quite easily have avoided it. He had many friends who could have helped him, and close to Jerusalem there were many ravines, caves and holes in the ground where he could have hidden. But he knew that he had to go through the whole thing. It had been predicted that he would do so, and if he had not fulfilled the prediction they would not have believed that he was Christ. He had to fulfil it, and it wasn’t for nothing that he should do so. It was in order that human beings should see how far they should go in forgiving. One should go so far that in the most intense suffering that an enemy can inflict on one, one can pray to God to forgive him his misdeed, since he knows not what he does. That is the real cause – that he knows not what he does.

16. No one can suffer injustice, and no one can cause injustice

People think they are justified in retorting: “I shouldn’t have to put up with this”. In such a situation the first thing one has to understand is that no one can suffer injustice and no one can cause injustice. Amidst this terrible murdering, killing and misery it must be difficult for people to understand that no one can suffer or cause injustice. But the universe is so wisely organised that injustice simply cannot take place. If it could take place there would be no universe. But how can it possibly be that injustice cannot take place?

17. The I in the living being. X1

The point is that all living beings are made up of something living that is not material. Science will possibly say that it does not exist because it cannot be weighed or measured. But the universe does not come to an end just because our senses come to an end, it continues into infinity. Here we arrive at the area in which that which is truly alive in living beings exists, and about which one can only say that “it is something that is”. It consists of the I’s of all human beings, and it is this that directs the human beings.

18. The faculty for sensing and creating or the fate element. X2

The I has a fate element where the instinct for self-preservation and the talents for creation and sensing are found. The mother energy is also found here, and it is its task to direct, through the spiral centres and talent kernels,(6) the basic energies: instinct, gravity, feeling, intelligence, intuition and memory. Science cannot reach the talent kernels since they are inaccessible to the senses, it can only come into contact with their effects. We can see, hear and smell, but it is not the eye that sees, the ear that hears or the nose that smells. They are all tools for the something that directs us, which is beyond time and space, and that belongs to that which is eternal.

19. The golden radiance or the golden threads

I experienced that which is eternal and beyond time and space during my great birth, when I experienced the golden radiance – it was exactly like gold – it was exactly like an ocean of gold made up of golden threads,(7) which I later called the golden radiance. It is present in all living beings and for that reason I also call it that which is alive in the living being.

20. The world of creation or changeability. The energies and movement. X3

All movement in the world originates from the I’s. When the I, through the golden radiance and the talent kernels in the fate element, comes into contact with an outer, spiritual world consisting of a particular type of matter, which I cannot go into here, oscillations are set in motion and movement comes about.(8)

No movement can go in a straight line. All movements go in cycles, and because of this they come back to their origin. If we do a good deed, this goes round in a cycle and returns to us through a medium, for example a good friend. If it is something bad that we have sent out, it has to come back through someone who is receptive to it, someone who is hostile to us, and it strikes us so that we get the fate that we have ourselves caused. Those who are the mediums or the tools for manifesting fate are thereby creating fate for themselves. In this way we can see that no one can suffer injustice and no one can cause injustice.

21. The physical world – the tree of knowledge. The spiritual world – the tree of life

Since no one can suffer injustice and no one can cause injustice, are not prisons, penal institutions, punishment and revenge wrong? Yes, they are wrong, but they have to be wrong in order that human beings can themselves experience that they are wrong. How would we be able to learn about evil if we were not able to experience it? That is why there is a world in which human beings can experience darkness, and that world is the physical world. A human being’s I is not on the physical plane, but with its physical body it can gain experience in physical matter.

One cannot develop in spiritual matter, since spiritual matter obeys thought. On the other hand, it is only in physical matter, which offers resistance, that one has to do such things as saw and plane in order to create. But in that way one builds up or develops one’s ability to think, an ability that can then be used in spiritual matter, which obeys thought. If on the spiritual plane you think “a dog”, there it will be in spiritual matter, but if you have never seen a dog, you cannot think “a dog”. Everything you have done on the physical plane you can do using thought on the spiritual plane without a body.

22. Moses and Christ. Instinct, feeling, intelligence and intuition

With the Ten Commandments, which are still applicable today, Moses began to tell human beings what they had to do. Later Christ was able to continue with the instinct-based explanations of Christianity, and many people became to a certain extent Christian. Today they are humane, they do not want to lie, steal, deceive or kill, and in many ways they live a good life. And then there is the other great multitude who rule the world and who are full of fraudulence.

Feeling or human beings’ humane faculty is developed through suffering. When you receive a suffering in return, you are more careful next time, and eventually you are raised up to a humane plane. With your intelligence you can begin to calculate how you should behave, and once you have spent some time using to some extent your intelligence in becoming humane, you will have gained the beginnings of intuition and be open for cosmic glimpses. Intuition is the highest cosmic ability. It penetrates everything. With it one can experience everything. With it one experiences things as complete. Eventually human beings will not sin or break the laws, they will live totally in accordance with universal love, they will become Christ beings, they will become one with God.

Human beings will be transformed, they will not go on being male or female. The state of being male or female, or marriage, is a necessary transitional stage that enables God to be also present in the animal kingdom. In the act of mating and the sympathy that exists between beings and their offspring God is present in the animal kingdom.

23. The crucifixion

With his crucifixion Christ wanted to show how human beings themselves could work towards becoming more conscious of the Godhead. The crucifixion was an extremely important event. We are even told that the Earth shook, that it became dark, that the veil of the temple was rent from top to bottom and that the dead rose up from their graves. It was a great cosmic event – a turning point – for the Earth. For the first time the Earth was given the true solution. This is how we should be, and this is how to become a Christ being – through being able to pray for our enemies that have hung us on a cross. The dead that rose up from their graves were not dead; they were Christ beings that were present at this divine celebration. It was also a Christ being that, during the night in Gethsemane, showed itself to Jesus as an angel from heaven, giving him strength so that he could go on and take his crucifixion. “Who seek ye?” They answered, “Jesus of Nazareth”. And Jesus says to them, “I am he”.

Many people became Christian at that time; they became so excessively Christian that they allowed themselves to be crucified or cast to wild animals without appearing to be frightened. These beings have, like the apostles, come so far in their evolution that they are not on Earth today.

24. Devil consciousness is a link in God’s creation

But there will come a time after this Armageddon, when the Earth has been badly damaged and much of it destroyed, when people will begin to build a new world after having experienced the full extent of weapons of war and everything that these weapons have done. They will have seen that weaponry is not able to transform people. If punishment, revenge and violence were able to transform people into Christ beings, they would have become Christ beings long ago. But what has taken place? Devil onsciousness has developed. It must have been devil consciousness that created concentration camps. It must have been devil consciousness that operated on healthy people without them being ill. But no one can be blamed for this; absolutely everything is a link in God’s creation. And you yourselves can try to see God’s creation everywhere and be with God in his creation.

25. Cultural centres or junior societies

The new civilisation will be based on a political system that is created on the basis of the cosmic analyses, and this system will show people how they should live. But there are many people that are murderers, thieves, fraudsters and so on and they cannot live together with the rest of society. They will be placed in cultural centres(9), where they will be regarded not as criminals but as human beings like all others. They are just not so far developed. They are at a stage where they lack development, and they will receive education in these centres and can live a perfectly natural life there. They will be able to marry and have access to schools, cinemas, theatres, sports facilities etc., while people out in real society can live freely. A great many centres will be needed for these beings that are not sufficiently developed. It is just the same as in a zoo; one cannot have the animals running around among each other. This is what is wrong on Earth at the moment. We have to make sure that these beings can live a civilised life and have the opportunity to study and gradually become Christ beings.

26. Christ politics in 500 years time. In the service of world redemption

Many people find Christianity naive and think that it has had its day. But a new period is dawning with a new civilisation led by Christ politics. I would say that Christ politics will have a very strong influence in the world in 500 years time. We are entering an epoch in which an enormous change is taking place in human beings’ consciousness, and in 3000 years time many will have reached the great birth and will have gone over to the first part of the cosmic plane, where they will spend thousands of years taking part in creating cultures for other worlds. That is what we are witnessing at the moment. In the Earth’s atmosphere powerful Christ forces are at work helping to prevent the atomic energies from destroying the Earth. I am not referring to everything that is being written about UFO’s, they are not what I am thinking of, but there are real spiritual forces or Christ forces in space.

27. Rebuilding

In the future there will be a new, global political system, in which people live according to Christ’s principles. They will be compelled to do so when they are building up this terribly destroyed world, in which the towns have been blown to pieces and vast numbers of people have died. If this world is to be built up, there will be human beings born with Christ abilities and Christ consciousness, and the dangerous forces will be bound and be brought under control. There will therefore be no one who can suffer injustice and there will be no one who can punish or take revenge. The dangerous human beings will be in cultural centres, and the world will be free and open for an enormous development of culture and art.

28. My work over the last 60 years

The principle in the new world picture is the development of Christ consciousness. We will develop to become like Christ and have the ability to walk on water and be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving. There is a part of my cosmic consciousness that is designed for making cosmic analyses, and it is my task to construct a spiritual science that will form the basis for the new world civilisation. I cannot exercise my cosmic consciousness on myself or on individual people, that has been stopped. I cannot begin to say: “You should live in this way”, “You will die on such and such a day” and “You will be cured”. I have a mission that requires me to work exclusively with spiritual science.

The most important thing is what Christ has said, namely, that we should break the habit of criticising and being impatient with our neighbour. Whatever it is that we do not like in this neighbour’s behaviour and way of being, is precisely what we have to find out about by observing ourselves. To forgive and think about our enemies in a loving way is the highest form of yoga, and it leads inevitably to cosmic consciousness, with its miraculous abilities and its ability to be all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving. Being all-loving is not the same as being in love – it is a love that makes absolutely no demands – it is a love that gives. And for that reason this cause is also a gift; it is your cause, not my cause. It is a cause that has been made for you; it is neutral. You can take from the analyses and begin to work in accordance with them, and you can give up working with them, and you can come back to them again. They are completely openly available!

A testament has been drawn up to make sure that there is a fixed point, a guard, or a council as we call it nowadays, that will keep things going so that no one makes any changes in the books, analyses, texts etc. This guard will make sure that no one comes and pushes their way into the centre. You can work with the analyses as much as ever you want, you are free to form study groups and give lectures. But in the centre there should be only those people that are born to preserve the analyses, and for that reason one cannot accept all and sundry into the centre. It is something that is covered by a certain spiritual, cosmic force.

29. The Third Testament is the promised Counsellor, the Holy Spirit

Nowhere in my writings is there any laying of blame; it is completely impossible to blame human beings for anything. I dare say I have said some nasty things, but afterwards I say: “Who is to blame?” Every one of us has had to go through something similar. Christ also says that we should take up our cross and follow him. He took up his cross, that is to say, his crucifixion. If he had not done so there would have been no Christianity today. But it has come about. Spiritual science has come to the Earth; his announcement about the coming of the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit has been fulfilled. What I am relating is what the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit is relating. Human beings will very soon gain access to it, once Livets Bog is published for the first time by a public publishing house, under the title The Third Testament.

30. My relationship to God

And with that I would like to express my warmest thanks to you all and wish you a really good future. My analyses will continue to exist for you, and you will always be able to obtain blessings and inspiration from heaven. I would not have been able to have done these things if I had not been at one with God. I pray many times a day to God. There is no need to get down on your knees or do other strange things. God is not so narrow-minded that he says: “Would you please get down on your knees”! No, you should just inwardly direct your consciousness towards God. There are all sorts of thought substances in the world, and when I sense something unpleasant I think of God. I think about God all the time, and every single day I pray to God also about my analyses. I have lived in prayer, and the analyses have been made while I prayed to God, and every single evening I have a big prayer for, among other things, my work and for all the people I know that are in need of help.

And I will just mention that even though I will not be giving any more lectures, I am not dead yet, and even if Iam dead you can rest assured that I am with you – I am with you! – but in a different way than today. And with that I will say many thanks for coming!


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Martinus’ last lecture held in the Falkoner Centre on the 9th August 1980. Revised by Ole Therkelsen. Revision approved by the council. Original title and publication: Kristusprincippet, Kosmos 2004/9-10.
Translation: Andrew Brown, 2010.
© Martinus Institut.