The Third Testament - Symbol No. 7
Symbol No. 7.
The Principle of Life Units – the First Glimpse of the Existence of a Godhead. © Martinus Institut

“In my Father’s house are many mansions”: A Short Explanation of Symbol No. 7

According to The Third Testament, the physical part of the universe is equal to God’s physical organism, and “behind” the “empty space” of the universe is God’s consciousness and infinite I. God’s all-inclusive organism is built up of life within life without end. This once again confirms the words in the Bible: “In my Father’s house are many mansions”.

Our organism is also built up of living beings, which we call organs, cells, molecules, atoms etc. If these beings, from our sensory perspective, are very far away we call them “matter”. The Earth is also a living individual, in the same way that the life-giving sun, the solar system and the Milky Way are living beings. One could say: “As above, so below”. All living beings are cells or experiencing organs in God’s organism. This makes the everyday life of all living beings a conversation with God. What we do to our neighbour, we do to God. “The speech of life” is God’s way of answering, which we eternally receive through our neighbour. This neighbour constitutes the beings in “our own” body as well as the planet being that we inhabit. When one understands that life in the microworld is just as living as we are ourselves, there appears a new, and hitherto unknown, area of responsibility where the message of love also applies. The way we conduct funerals will therefore also change. Cremation will be replaced by more humane methods that take into consideration the myriads of living microbeings in the “corpse”. Only when the mineral state has been reached are there no longer in the “corpse” any microbeings that are alive and experiencing physically.

Love for animals as well as for the microbeings will also bring about a change from animal to vegetarian food and cause people to think about light living conditions, fresh air, hygiene, sleep patterns and care of the body. The symbol shows a being’s organism in its entirety. (The triangle and the white circle symbolise its X1 and X2 respectively.) The figure is built up of smaller figures. This symbolises that the organism is made up of living microindividuals each one with its own ability to experience. This is repeated upwards and down-wards into infinity. In this way we are also contained within macrocosmos which consists of larger and larger organisms, for example, the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy/Milky Way – continuing for ever. The macrobeing provides us with our outer living environment (Nature) while the microbeings provide us with our physical organism. At one and the same time everything consists of a unity. “In him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28).