The Third Testament - Symbol No. 4
Symbol No. 4.
The Road towards the Light. © Martinus Institut

The evolution of cosmic consciousness: A Short Explanation of Symbol No. 4

The symbol shows the cosmic road that all living beings are travelling from lesser to more evolved forms of existence. In the symbol one can see, indicated by the light indigo colour on the left, “the kingdom of bliss”. It is the last part of this kingdom that we are able to observe on the physical plane as the mineral kingdom. Next, with the red colour, comes “the plant kingdom”, with the orange colour, “the animal kingdom” and with the yellow colour, “the kingdom of the perfect human being” of the future. The vertical line in the middle of the animal kingdom divides the pure animal kingdom from the sphere of the unfinished terrestrial human beings. Each of the three-part vertical segments symbolises a living being. The segments which are increasing in size thus symbolise the multitude of incarnations that any one being lives through on this road. The number shown is purely symbolic. For example, there are hundreds of incarnations for ape-like organisms. The white field at the top symbolises the I or “X1”. The violet field symbolises the being’s eternal cosmic structure, “X2”, that together with the I forms its super consciousness. The coloured field symbolises the created physical organism and consciousness, “X3”. The orange star with the green and yellow-green rays symbolises, with the green ray, the research undertaken by natural science into that part of life that can be observed with the physical senses, and with the yellow-green ray, philosophy that brings about an ongoing movement inwards towards what is spiritual – without certainty of knowledge. The yellow ray at the top symbolises the religious principle that leads human beings from faith and irreligiousness on to a personal experience of cosmic consciousness, marked by the five-pointed star. In its position above, the religious principle relates to the eternal and spiritual part of the human beings’ identity. Myths and symbols from terrestrial human beings’ religious past thus conceal undiscovered real cosmic truths.

The position of the Earth in the symbol relates to mankind’s evolutionary step at the end of the animal kingdom. In the little symbol at the bottom the sun symbolises the cosmically conscious being and its sensory capacity, which encompasses both the eternal and the created or temporal part of the universe. The lowest small triangle symbolises the unfinished human being and its extremely limited sensory capacity.