The Third Testament - Symbol No. 20
Symbol No. 20.
The Forgiveness of Sins. © Martinus Institut

“Go, and sin no more”: A Short Explanation of Symbol No. 20

Jesus taught with power and authority using miracles, symbols and in particular through example. This was the only way that believers could approach the eternal truths behind life. For a very long time the ways of God had been “past understanding” to terrestrial human beings; they lacked the abilities to understand the eternal truths behind Jesus’ words. But since terrestrial human beings have eaten the “apples of knowledge”, the speech of life has made many terrestrial human beings able to begin to understand for themselves the ways of God. And how else would they “become like God, knowing good and evil”?

The Bible describes how Jesus forgave the sins of people who experienced that they had fallen from God’s grace. The symbol explains how the forgiveness of sins that Jesus spoke about actually does exist. Slowly we become freed from the dark karma that we have built up – the suffering that we have created for other beings. This takes place through the humane faculty (the yellow flame) growing from life to life (every time we reap suffering). This humane faculty protects us – in fact it is the only protection we have, from a cosmic point of view. The orange steps symbolise the being’s individual earthly lives in the past (yellow) and in the future (green). The violet field symbolises the being’s super consciousness and consequently its eternal life. The orange rectangles symbolise the succession of the being’s earthly lives – reincarnation. The orange fate wave is set in motion by a selfish action, e.g. a murder that is committed in the being’s present life (between the vertical white beams). When this action returns to its originator, this being might possibly experience being killed. The unpleasant fate develops the being’s body of feeling and it becomes more humane. This takes many, many incarnations, but, as is symbolised by the growth of the yellow flame, the being can at a certain point no longer bear to commit the same selfish action and it will experience only the injuries that it can still bear to inflict on other beings – until it is completely cleansed and “humane”. It then no longer needs to learn about darkness. Its loving radiation protects it and the dark karma can no longer be released in the being’s life. It has therefore truly obtained the “forgiveness of sins”. The white fate waves show that fate formation also takes place in the spiritual world between lives, and that this can only be light and happy in nature.